Maintenance Responsibilities Checklist

Maintenance Issue Landlord Tenant Comments
Replacing tap washers
Replacing tap
Replacing all light bulbs
Replacing batteries, filters etc
Tightening screws Curtain poles, door handles, kitchen cup boards etc
Mowing lawn, weeding, clearing leaves and general gardening
Light pruning Do not cut down or undertake severe pruning of mature plants, shrubs etc. without the landlord ’s permission
Cleaning of patio/paving areas
Removal of moss & leaves from gutters Tenant must notify the landlord if the gutters need cleaning, clearing or repairing
Bleeding radiators
Radiator leaks If caused by erosion or wear, however it is tenants’ responsibility if tenant has caused damage
Re-igniting pilot light/boiler (initial troubleshooting) As long as you have been provided with a manual/instructions, you should undertake initial troubleshooting before reporting it to the landlord
Boiler maintenance and servicing
Replacing fuses
Appliance repairs
Appliance up keep Includes filter and general cleaning, checking pipes,adding chemicals as required etc.
House alarm servicing If the system is used by you, any security company charge should be paid by you
Electrical repairs/checks
Unblocking drains Please refer to your tenancy agreement for full details
Replacing shower heads, clasps, hoses
Tightening clasp fttings, towel rails etc.
Cleaning and de-scaling of showers and showerheads
Shower plumbing/electrical repairs
Repairs to bath and shower seals
Preserving bath and shower seals
Damp – external Unless this is caused by tenant (e .g. poor installation of satellite cabling)
Damp – internal If the damp is a result of tenant life style, it is tenants responsibility to follow guidance/advice at inspection
Locks Depending on the cause of the problem
Chimneys The landlord is responsible for having the chimneys swept prior to your tenancy; it is your responsibility to arrange this during and at the end of the tenancy