Tenants' guide

'We keep moving, simple'. We want our tenants to have a seamless, stress free and simple move in process, so below we have outlined what to expect at every step and what you would need once you have your budget set.

Step 1 - Register

This is the easiest way to find your perfect property to rent. Once you register, we do the hard work for you by keeping you alerted as soon as a property becomes available that matches your requirements.

Step 2 - Book a viewing

Once you have been alerted, or seen a property you wish to view, simply get in touch and we can arrange this for you.

Step 3 - Reserving a property

When you have decided to secure a property to rent with us, we would require an initial holding deposit which is equivalent of one weeks rent along with the tenancy application form.

Step 4 - Paper work completion

The referencing process will begin and we would require :

  • Confirmation of employment, salary confirmation (payslips & bank statements)
  • Personal & Photographic identification (passport or driving licence or visa)
  • Previous Landlord or agent references
  • Students (Guarantor or proof or funding)
  • Self-Employed (Accountants references, trading details etc)

Step 5 - Tenancy agreement

An Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement (AST) will be prepared detailing the legal obligations that both the tenant and landlord must adhere to. At this point you would need to provide a deposit (equivalent to 5 weeks rent) and this will be secured with a government registered scheme along with one months rent in advance (which will be minus the holding deposit).

Step 6 - Move in

An inventory will be prepared which will outline the condition of the property which will be used as comparison on check-out to ensure the condition can be assessed fairly against deposit deductions. As a tenant you are responsible for:

  • Paying rent on time and in full
  • Register to pay for utility bills including council tax, water, electric, gas, internet and TV license
  • Ensure the property maintains good ventilation to prevent mould and dampness
  • Advise/ report any maintenance issues

Step 7 - Move out

At the end of your tenancy you would be expected to:

  • Pay any outstanding rent or bills and cancel standing orders
  • Remove all your belongings from the property and return all the keys
  • Ensure the property has been cleaned and ensure garden is tended to
  • Take note of metre readings, switch off sockets and replace any light bulbs that are not working
  • Redirect your mail and advise us of the forwarding address

Notice to end tenancy

To terminate your tenancy subject to term, you will normally be required to give us at least one/two month's notice in writing of your intention to leave, unless otherwise specified in your specific tenancy agreement.


The responsibility for your belongings are down to you, you must ensure you have adequate contents insurance, the landlord accepts no responsibility and cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to tenants possessions.


An inventory and check-in report protects landlords and tenants alike, providing an accurate description of the condition and contents of a property at the start of a tenancy.

The condition of the property and its contents at the end of the tenancy is then compared back to this report in the form of a check-out report. The inventory clerk will also provide an opinion on whether any damage that has arisen during the tenancy is attributable to the tenants, to ‘fair wear and tear’ or to the landlord as required maintenance.

Tenants’ Obligations

The responsibility for the property lies with the tenant during the period of tenancy. The tenant should always ensure that the property is fully secured and that during the winter months steps are taken to prevent freezing of the water and heating system. If we are managing the property then any faults with appliances or problems within the property will need to be reported to us and we will deal with the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. Failure to report an ongoing problem may turn the onus onto you.

Tenant Fees

The Tenant Fees Act 2019 came into effect on 1st June 2019. This Act controls what payments a landlord or letting agent may require "in connection with a tenancy of housing in England".

The Act applies to the following types of tenancy; assured shorthold tenancies, licences (lodger lettings for example), student lettings (provided by a specified educational institution).

Below is a summary of fees/charges that a tenant will/may still incur in accordance to John Joseph's fee structure:

  • Rent, tenancy/security deposit at 5 weeks and holding deposit of upto £500.00
  • Payment in the event of a default on rent which is outlined in the agreement.
    • If rent is 5 or more days late, an administration charge of £30.00 is levied onto the Tenant and a fee to cover the Landlord's loss is added to the outstanding rental amount. This fee is at 6% above the Bank of England interest rate (Best efforts will be made to contact the tenant in the event of arrears)
    • If the rent is 7 or more days late, the interest will continue to be levied upon the tenant until the arrears are cleared. A further £30.00 administration fee will be added on the 10th day (Best efforts will be made to contact the tenant in the event of arrears)

Tenant Testimonials

Super happy with these guys! I was in a hurry to find somewhere new and they were super quick to help! Everything was handled professionally, whilst also making sure to keep me updated. Zain made sure to answer all my questions promptly and made sure that I understood everything. He also made sure to go the extra mile since I was in a rush and get things done ASAP. Also thank you Sumi, for going through the paperwork with me when signing and making sure I understood everything! Definitely recommending you guys! Big thank you again!

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Pleasant experience starting from arrangements for multiple viewings, documents and checking us in with nice little welcome gift. Thank you Zain for such professionalism and providing quality service in such short time. Really appreciate you going above and beyond to make our beginning of tenancy so smooth and easy. Will definitely recommend your services to my friends!

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Really happy to deal with this agency and in particular, Zain was a fantastic agent. Such a friendly, respectful and genuinely lovely person; he made the viewings and process so easy and pleasant, going out of his way to work around my schedule- thank you Zain

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